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TeamSpeak3 control panel module

We don't support TeamSpeak anymore and we also don't recommend others to use it.
Reason: If you get late with the payment you could get a penalty of $100 or more.

Now you can easily install TeamSpeak3 server with one click in CentOS WebPanel.

TeamSpeak3 control panel Features
- install & delete server (with one click)
- start, stop, restart & check teamspeak3 server status (with one click)
- display query admin login details and token (encrypted data for security)

How to install and start TS3 server?
Check that you do not have ts3 user installed on your linux system as TeamSpeak3 server creates ts3 user and runs server under ts3 username.
1. Click on install TeamSpeak3 server button
2. Click on start TeamSpeak3 server button
3. After you started Team Speak 3 server you can click on Check Admin Data button to get admin login details
*Admin login details are encrypted for security but they are all the time available by clicking on Check Admin Data button.

How to delete TeamSpeak3 server and ts3 user?
1. Click on Stop TeamSpeak 3 server button.
2. Click on Delete Team Speak 3 server button.
*this will delete server files and remove ts3 user from the server.

How to Team Speak3 module to CentOS-WebPanel menu?
Itís easy, go to include folder and make new file named 3rdparty.php ,in this file you add links one per line.
<a href="index.php?module=ts3_manager">TS3 Manager</a>

Files are included in installations from version 0.2

Pitty, as TS and ShoutCast was the only reasons we where using your CWP software seems useless now with no TS and no shoutcast for us , so we did not renew after losing SSL on main domain with no waring and support would not help with SSL a simple solution , al you need to do is click on host name change to get the new SSL but they want a support fee to do that LOL

As if teamspeak is hard to update? Spoiler: It's not.

And the autossl thing, as you mentioned, is literally 3 clicks at most once logged in. Kind of petty reason's to ditch an otherwise perfectly functional Web Control Panel.

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how can i get

installation link

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I have a Question.

If you say you don't support it anymore, why is it still in the actual CWP?

And what do you mean with if you don't pay in time? The TS3 server is free, i don't know what is costing when installing teamspeak server.


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The reasons for this are not valid, lets replace this module it was the core reason for me wanting the cwp7pro software and support. what it costs ME is not centos's business support of the software is.