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DNS Zone Editor - TXT Records & UI
« on: May 05, 2021, 08:12:23 PM »
1.) For some reason, when I try to add a text record using the admin panel for a given domain, it is not quoted properly. I also noticed the default had quotes, but quotes should not have to be added manually. When I add quotes, it throws a js error on displaying again.

2.) I see the user panel doesn't require quotes to be added for a given record. Although, after I added my custom SPF text record it would not show what I added in the dns_zone_editor module page for the user panel under the DNS Zone Editor. The record appeared blank, and when I do a dig for the domain for that record it appears to exist but the quotes do not exist.

3.) If you refresh the user dns zone editor page (with a domain previously selected) there is no way to see the results and one gets "stuck" unless they select another domain, refresh, then select that domain again.