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i hope i am the only one that is having this issue, also a NOTE to ALL check if this issue is present in your servers aswell, so that other customer won't have access to mysql, filemanager to another cpanel. Hereby is my issue:

1. Create account with domain i.e: with username i.e: domain (login to this user and create mysql database, and any file in filemanager/public_html)
2. Create similar account with domain i.e: with username i.e: domains (now login to this domain account go to mysql databases, and filemanager/public_html, you will be able to see and reach, mysql database, files that belongs to 1 account.

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Re: CWPpro BUG!
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What you say does not make sense.

I've followed your instructions on a fresh CWP7 and what you say doesn't happen.

Could it be that you have an issue with the browser and you are always logging in with the same user? try logging into different browsers.