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« on: July 31, 2021, 09:25:30 PM »
Good evening!

I write because I tried to activate and configure the quota in my VPS by all means and in all the ways that exist in this forum and in other websites, I could never activate and config them. I also followed all the instructions on the wiki and I couldn't either, currently the updated version of CWPPro has this function activated, it appears in my panel as activated but it does not work, I tried everything but it does not work. I only had to restore a snapshop many times in case something had been misconfigured.

Does anyone know how the limits of the hosting space allocated to the client can be activated and configured?

I could never get quota to work properly.

I will be very grateful if someone can provide me with that information because it is impossible to make it work properly.

Best regards,

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Hi, I don't want to discourage you but it doesn't work, so I tried all sorts of options, without success
There is probably a solution but it is for money, you buy a service that also contains the quota configuration
I'm tired of searching, I also posted here on the forum but I receive evasive answers
The scheme of the partitions matters a lot, only this is not specified by anyone, the sites have as root /home/user/public_html, the emails are in /var/vmail
What do you do if you have a domain that uses a lot of mail, the root partition fills up, you have the shitty solution to symlink to /var/vmail to /home/vmail which I don't recommend
Hello, administrators and developers, what partition scheme do you recommend for a raid-1 480 GB SSD? in which the client has 100gb emails? mounted separately /var? & /home? , or leave full space on root (/)? , this to work quota according to the hosting plan
Please answer this question and give a solution...if you have, before installing cwp panel pro, when installing centos 7 minimal, which is the scheme of recommended partitions on a sdd 480 gb

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ahoracioadolfo you can test can help you -

I tested a variant, when configuring the server, when you make the partitions, you opt for manual configuration and mount only /swap - recommended (2 x ram memory), /boot (1GB, but I put 2GB all the time) and the maximum space for root( / )

Then install cwp and follow the steps:

Activate quota as XFS for /home
in CWP.admin go to Left Menu -> Server Settings --> Disk Quota , and set
Quota Partition: /home
Quota Type: xfs
After which you can create a hosting package, make a user or modify for an existing user, and it will display your quota, but here are some problems, if you enter as root manager, it will show you the wrong quota, if you log in as a user, it will show you the correct quota, but it doesn't take into account the email limit, meaning you have a 5gb hosting package, the site takes up 1gb of space and the emails exceed the remaining 4gb, the services work correctly
to block the operation of the mail according to the hosting plan, you can for example run this command:
-example :  xfs_quota -x -c 'limit bsoft=4000M bhard=4000M USER' /home

in our case, the mails are in /var/vmail on the root partition ( / )
xfs_quota -x -c 'limit bsoft=4000M bhard=4000M demouser' /

when the space for the user "demouser" on the root partition (/), reaches 4 GB, he can no longer send any email, and according to the 5 Gb hosting plan (I said 1gb website + 4gb mail) can no longer load nothing on the site ... (I hope I expressed myself correctly :))))))
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