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Ip Changing, Disabling phpmyadmin or change Url
« on: May 19, 2021, 02:39:35 PM »
Hi all
I want to make some offers for CWP

1- I am using digitalocean and it has a feature called snapshot
It helps us with saving all server and database files and create a new server which is identical we have saved with  when we need .
We can not change instantly ip addresses when create a new server using snapshot.
Creating a new server(installing cwp,creating database,many configs,composer files,npm files) is not a solution If we need to take quick action.
So we can change ip addresses immediately without requesting ip address change. If this is a monetarily thing, we can add deposit  to cwp and if we change IP address , Cwp may charge us using our deposit

2- We can not change phpmyadmin Url
It can not to be disabled  phpmyadmin or  changed path from pma to foo(anything). It would be great if we can change or disable it

3- two step verification for root login. Using google authenticator for root login would also be great.