Author Topic: Disabling Pure-FTPd in dashboard ignored and re-enabled after time  (Read 2291 times)

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The pure-ftp server is not used so I want to disable the service. When clicking disable from the dashboard the pure-ftp server stops.
after a random time I see the cwpsrv service(and other services) restarted and also Pure-FTPd server is restarted.

I was looking through all the cronjobs, and cannot find anything that is restarting Pure-FTPd.

Only the
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I could not check because of ioncube.

Does anybody know where the service is restarted?
I saw another topic:
automatic restart is done by service monitor or monit in cwp, you should check that in cwp.admin

Monit is not enabled on the server and what or where is the service monitor?
thanks it would save a lot of time!
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