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Hello Netino,

Sorry the delay. I'm not the one who add domains to CWP, and I don't know exactly whats the procedure that my partners follow. I tried yesterday to edit a domain using the "select template" method, and it seems that the nightly rebuild keep the changes and the site is still working.

To summarize (please, correct me if I misunderstand): I have to create a template for every site that has a configuration detail. For example, if I don't want to have webmail support for a site, I have to create a template for that. If a site should not have "AllowOverride All", it is necessary to create a template for that. And so on. Like seati pointed before, it is necessary to have a template for every difference that a site has with another site in the same server. Right?

Yes, you are right.
Any new customization needs a new template.
But the same single template can be applied to a group of sites.


But you don't have to create a new template for each site!
You can create just one template for all other sites.
So you set and use the same template for that customized sites.
You only need to create a new template just when you have a new type of customization. For a new site, or new group of sites.

I don't know what bug are you mentioning, but the templates are a feature for the panel.

Again, a template should be "re-usable". Have you every used nginx? In nginx there's no such thing as a .htaccess file! All redirects, rewrites, etc. need to be in the .conf file!
We host lots of websites with custom redirects, or custom rewrites! Thinking that WordPress is a "standard" or that all websites should expose URLs is a mistake!

A web based control panel should assist server admins to execute some tasks easier and in a more friendly way, but shouldn't imply that all server admins are dumb users who can't log into a shell and run commands or modify files! If I wanted a "fool proof" system where everything is just "point and click" I would get a Windows server and not a Linux one!

Yes, the fact that it "needs" to overwrite all configs every single day and doesn't perform any previous checks and imposes this as a "rule of thumb" is a BUG, not a feature.

They need to reverse this change that started in

We run several IPv6 sites, and having a dedicated template for both non-SSL and SSL if not feasible.

What CWP needs to do like other control panels, is implement IPv6 support so this problems will not arise.
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I already have template for domain and when i click on rebuild vhost on save, it just create vhost with default file. It's not taking that custom template. Even i tested it with default code with miner changes, and it won't take it while rebuilding vhost.

Since this "feature" was released, I have been migrating, one by one, all the domains and subdomains in my server to the recommended "template configuration". It seemed to work. Until today  :'(. I found all the sites suspended again. No matter which template the site has, all of them suspended. Every site has a template matching its configuration. The template is correct. CWP shows the domain with its associated template. Nevertheless, all domains and subdomains are "suspended", no matter what. It looks as what drajvat is reporting.

The real solution is to stop this "feature". It is not reliable. As a software development concept, as a system behavior, it is horrible. This is pure speculation, but it looks like a hack that hides other issues. Maybe design problems too deep for the CWP team to solve without big efforts and time. I only see this kind of solutions as a "give me time to fix it" strategy. However, it is taking too long.

If there is no way for CWP to stop the "vhosts rebuild" process, I can only do some scripting to save new domains and restore periodically. I don't want to do this. It is a workaround to handle a not working hack. The best solution is to remove or disable the hack.

What can I do? What other users of CWP did?

Thank you for your help.