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Love the panel, but...
« on: January 05, 2022, 04:17:00 PM »

I just switched from sentora few weeks ago because its developers disappeared or stopped caring enough to keep the project running..

CWP is an amazing web hosting panel. It has many great tools, the pro version has a lot of features with a reasonable price tag.
Bug and issues are expected within anything in the tech world, but are you guys giving up on the project as well, or are you just low on staff/developers?

Also, why do I get the feeling that in order for me to get answers on issues or bugs reported, I would have to pay a pretty penny for it...?

You guys have a nice tool for reporting bugs which I started using, but I see no indication that my reports or any others being seen or assigned to someone which makes me wonder if I should give up reporting bug and or start looking for a different control panel in the future.

Re: Love the panel, but...
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fastest way to report bug is over the website
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