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DKIM Fail for all domains
« on: April 27, 2022, 08:37:35 PM »
Mailgenius test shows my DKIM is not working with 2 main errors for DKIM:

"Your email is not properly authenticated with DKIM"
"The DKIM signature is not from the author's or envelope-from domain."

I have added DKIM via the DKIM & SPF Manager and rebuilt the server. Also rebooted multiple times. DKIM dots are "red" down the board on my domains. On initial rebuild, OpenDKIM and AmaViS both fail to start, but start when manually triggered.

DKIM Status from the Dashboard:
Apr 27 16:31:42 Retracted: 7F00CCBEBF: not authenticated
Apr 27 16:31:43 Retracted: 7F00CCBEBF: DKIM verification successful
Apr 27 16:31:46 Retracted: 30C48CBEC0: no signing table match for ''
Apr 27 16:31:46 Retracted: 30C48CBEC0: DKIM verification successful

I am using CWP7Pro.