Author Topic: Cannot Ping Domains on CWP 7  (Read 1303 times)

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Cannot Ping Domains on CWP 7
« on: July 17, 2022, 12:32:46 AM »
Hello all,

Going to ask here as support doesn't think I have purchased a support package so I'm waiting on them to see that I have. So I'm having a bit of an issue. My CWP machine cannot seem to ping its own domains. I have a domain and one of the sub-domains is pointed to a seperate machine, please see the attached image for my network layout. I go to ping one of the domains that CWP has but its always 100% packet loss and its causing alot of my sites to have issues such as wordpress API failure and WHMCS CURL timeouts.

I'm trying to ping the subdomain on the diagram for .37. I've tried to disable both firewalls, ports are open etc. I have spent the entire day trying to get this sorted I just want WHMCS to be able to send the CURL request