Author Topic: Migration cPanel to CWP Pro error with unpacking/coping all files, missing files  (Read 1353 times)

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I have dedicated server with 120 accounts on cPanel.
I have bought CWP Pro and set it up on VPS. My goal is to buy two more VPS servers and run CWP Pro on them in order to cut my expenses.

I am stuck at migrating some accounts.
Ones with 100GB+ migrates without problems, other ones with cca 500MB does not restore properly.
Migrated email accounts says 0MB size but when I log in, there are bunch of emails.
Does not matter if I use automatic restore or upload backup and restore it then. Same problem, says restored ok, but no files in account root where it should be. I says all went well, creates accounts, emails, but it does not copy files from account root. Somehow I can see emails but there is no mail folder in account root.