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CWP7Pro - Problems In Going Live from Start
« on: August 28, 2022, 08:05:23 PM »
In this scenario I have a dedicated server with CentOS 7.

Step 1: I installed CWP first and then purchased Pro license.

Step 2: CWP7Pro was updated on CWP but wasn't accessible through https:// links. Neither for admin nor for a user.

Step 3: After spending some time I had to go for the paid support. And finally the links were accessible through https://.

Step 4: We found one problem of reverse DNS configuration. That was fixed through dedicated server provider.

Step 5: So by this time all the urls were accessible as per the convention as we all know: followed by the respective ports for each admin and user.
Basically all URLs by the host name were working. Host name here is ''.

Step 6: So far I neither create any account nor a user.

Step 7: Now I decided to create one admin account for the main domain taken from the host name as mentioned above.

Step 8: I went on and created one admin account for the main domain

Step 9: And then thought to host this main domain as well.

Step 10: Once the account was created then I created the user as well to host the main domain.

Step 11: There I installed WordPress. And the installation went fine. However the site wasn't accessible at all!
By default the site at was pointing to and which was nothing but Test Page of CWP control panel.

Step 12: After spending some time on it and trying some suggestions found on net the problem remained as it was.
So I decided to create another sub domain 'test' on the main domain and test again.

Step 13: I did that and generated the SSL certificates as well for the new sub domain which was supposed to be accessible thorough the link like But again this time site was failed to show since the browser is throwing ssl exception.

Step 14: to post all this on this forum so anyone of you reading it might have some clue where the problem is?

I know there are great people around who are much ahead in making this kind of setup up and running.

For your kind suggestions please.