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remote backup to house
« on: March 19, 2023, 01:48:29 PM »
Has anyone tried using home router for remote backup?
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Re: remote backup to house
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2023, 03:39:48 AM »
I prefer a TrueNAS box for this as a target for DR (disaster recovery) -- there's nothing as good as a ZFS send, especially compared to rsync. I don't really trust home routers with USB ports to have high availability or acceptable performance. I see it as an afterthought or "gee whiz" feature. Maybe the Apple TimeCapsule devices are more solid by design, but even Western Digital's MyCloud NAS left a LOT to be desired (performance, security, etc. were sorely lacking). I have several Netgear Nighthawks with USB3.0 ports, but I must confess I've never even tried out that feature. But I'm sure you could find anecdotal experiences online, as well was benchmarks.