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I am on a cPanel to CWP Panel migration and user's accounts is being migrated correctly - including all DNS zones -

But in the case of DNS zones owned by root (system) in cPanel i am unable to migrate correctly.

At first, on my current cPanel (the source/origin) I have 'migrated' thw ownership to all zones owned by root/ system to a cPanel user account, following the guide:

So, at this time this is working in cPanel: DNS zones that has been owned by system, not appears under the cPanel account, now the problem is:

If I do a migration (from CWP Panel) of this cPanel user, the DNS zones are not being migrated, only the "default".

And as previouly commented, any other user account migrated from cPanel to CWP Pro is being migrated correctly, including DNS zones.

So I am finding a secure or manual way to migrate this DNS zones from cPanel that at first they was owned by root.

Ahy suggestion or help is hight welcome, thanks in advance!

Re: cPanel to CWP Pro Migration -> DNS Zones owned by root (in cPanel)
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2023, 02:21:48 PM »
It's been several years since I've migrated my cPanel servers to CWP, but I don't recall there being any issues with DNS zones even back then -- and things should have improved in the intervening 2-3 years. I would think your workaround of changing from root-owned to account-owned should work. But how many zones are we talking about -- a handful? Dozens? Hundreds? Can you just manually recreate the zones on the receiving CWP server? Sometimes that type of workaround is the best course of action and the greatest time saver. Back 2-3 years ago I had to create a custom post-migration script to fix various permission errors I was encountering after migration, which I passed on to the CWP devs.

Re: cPanel to CWP Pro Migration -> DNS Zones owned by root (in cPanel)
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2023, 06:32:52 AM »
I don't know why, but these DNS zones that was being converterd in cPanel from system/root to an user account, is working as expected in cPanel but in migration, this zones are not migrated (with the rest of accounts, no problem).

Yes, first of all, I've try a "manual" migration (are about one hundred), simply:

- Copying the .db files i need onto /var/named.
- Adding to the file : /etc/named.conf with the following format, at the end of file like:

Code: [Select]
// zone
zone "" {type master; file "/var/named/";};
// zone_end

In this way, while i can see this new records as DNS zones in CWP, something is not okay. When i change my glue nameserver to point the CWP Servers, the DNS zones that i put "manyally" didn't work (and the users accounts and their zones that i have migrated it seems are responding okay), so I had to revert changes and continue with cPanel, this is the only thing that I can't get working :(

I don't know if i forget some step in the manual migration, for this reason I did the cPanel record conversion, so please can you confirm that manual migration are basically migrate the .db files and making the corresponding changes in the /etc/named.conf file?

Thanks for reply and help

Re: cPanel to CWP Pro Migration -> DNS Zones owned by root (in cPanel)
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Create the zone manually with CWP, then paste in the contents of the originating .db file from the cPanel server into the new zone on CWP. If it works, it should be scriptable.