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Unable to issue SSL on one domain
« on: January 22, 2024, 06:37:45 AM »
I am using CWP Pro and the overall experience has been quite satisfying so far.  I have about 10 domains hosted and out of 10, 9 domains have AutoSSL from LetsEncrypt there is one domain on which the file validation is failing I have made sure that nginx and .htaccess are perfectly configured to serve the content from the directory given below
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/usr/local/apache/autossl_tmp/.well-known/acme-challengeOnce the error popups and I can see the file that is being tried to access however that file altogether doesn't exist in the directory provided above.
Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Unable to issue SSL on one domain
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What is the domain name & IP it should be pointing to?
So we can do lookups for you
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