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hi guys,

on small VPS systems (1-2CPU, 2-4GB RAM)

If i am setting up a variety of packages in whmcs for different webhosting plans (ie storage =  2GB, 4GB, 8Gb etc) and no email, no addons of any kind, and only 1 database

in whmcs module for cwp,

1. what are the recommended settings with a shared hosting server for

Inode (Max of Inode)
Nofile (Max of Nofile)
Nproc (NoProc limit-40 recommended)

2. If i decided the enable email functionality what defaults should i consider using


3. What happens with regard to user accounts if i dont apply anything to these fields?

I know Norpoc says 40 is recommended, however, i have read other forums posts stating this should be 100 or higher?
I have also read that none of these has any bearing on shared hosting because other factors are more important and provide a means of control anyway (such as ulimits)?

4. Are these limits per directory or per user account? (my understanding is they are per directory)
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Re: what generic settings should be used in whmcs for new products?
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You can leave it blank, although it is advisable to place its default values