Author Topic: A couple of suggestions for nginx, phpfpm & a couple of things  (Read 3654 times)

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When selecting nginx as the main webserver, nginx is shown as nginx reverse proxy instead of just nginx, i know its not important but i hope this can be changed so as to not confuse users.

Php-fpm php settings is confusing when i first started, i was confused by the three diff php selectors, maybe disable the other two when using php fpm? and php configuration & php simple editor should be linked to the php fpm version.

Backup solution, instead of having backups not being tar or compressed, why not have it compressed to save file size on servers, this would make cwp more viable for users and web hosters, also if a solution like cpanel full account restore can be implemented would be great.

I hope all these can be implemented as this would make cwp a viable option for all those hosters out there with the recent issue with cpanel raising prices for hosters.