Author Topic: suPHP Internal Server Error - ParsingException in Configuration.cpp:163:[SOLVED]  (Read 9158 times)

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After (I suspect) upgrade PHP to version 7-devel suPHP fails on execute any php script on server and throw this error in apache log located at /usr/local/apache/log/error.log

ParsingException in Configuration.cpp:163: Unknown option "full_php_process_display" in section [global]

After some research I can get PHP works again commenting line 178 of /usr/local/src/

; Normally suPHP only displays the PHP binary in process lists (ps aux and top).
; Setting this option to 'true' will cause suPHP to display both the
; PHP binary and the script filename.

and executing again the script with # sh ./

If you switch apache version, the file needs to be modified again.

Seems the directive "full_php_process_display" aren't implemented in suPHP version downloaded from repositories.

you can try to rebuild your apache web server from cwp.admin it should resolve that issue
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Just had the same problem when installing certificate and had to rebuild apache because something failed.

Have tried to rebuild vhost and apache several times as suggested here on CWP, but nothing helped.

I also tried to set the value on line 172 to false, didn't help. Trying to uncomment now instead and see if that fixes it.

That fixed it. Clearly a bug of some sort.

as a workaround you can comment full_php_process_display in /usr/local/etc/suphp.conf at line 55 and restart apache and everything will be working again.