Author Topic: After Minimal Install CENT OS7 (I would like to also ask about the $35 support)  (Read 5088 times)

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Current Situation.
Domains Registered with Godaddy. Only 5 to 6 not more

Home Web Server Upl-SPEED= 15MBps  Dn-SPEED= 110MBps

SERVER: 2 Dual Quad-Core 3.4 U2 16GB MEM 2 SSD HD- 250GB 4-2TB_HD 1-NAS= 4TB

I want to get out with godaddy !!!! They Suck. The VPS is god knows how many times SPLIT / SHARED lol

For my needs Its insane to fathom how slow the shit loads.

TESTING: before going with anyone or anywhere I would like to for the love of god.. ask someone to help me Im not new to Linux. But not a guru either...

1.) I installed the Minimal CentOS7 - named it my as the name of the host

2.) Do I goto godaddy and point all the DNS records to my PULIC IP address ?

3.) Do I use godaddy Name Servers on my Home CENT OS 7 Server ?

4.) Can someone PLEASE write a simple step-by-Step - a.) From setting up the panel with needed security FTP, PhpMyAdmin

to ----> Logging into USER: Rick (ftp) uploading WordPress / Setting up the needed database users names (that) i think I know how to do through the panel. as well as phpmyadmin

to actually going to and it loads the site.....

PLEASE.... And the cost of a server 1 year or support / can I talk with someone about the diffrent services / products you offer.
But most important is that I feel good with using the CWP I would like toi install installitron or some kind of system that has all the open source online software web apps (click-Install) based. I did try Softoculus it SUCKS ass... Uless I don't know what or how to use it the correct way.