Author Topic: not really a problem, bust seeking help with creating a cron to clean up folders  (Read 6139 times)

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I'm not great with creating crons, in fact i'm quite the newbie at them!

Here's the issue:
One of my sites runs a cron which was set to every minute (i've changed that to twice an hour, for media encoding)
When the cron runs it creates 2 files each time in the /home/username/ directory

These files have names like this:

Any suggestion on a cron task to delete every one of those files say twice a day to keep the directory clean??

Any help appreciated!

maybe like this?
Code: [Select]
rm -f index.html.* tasks_key\=runaccesskey.*
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I'll try that and see if it works :-)  now if i could get pureftp to update and work instead of having to downgrade :-)