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CWP7 multiple problems - suggestion
« on: December 13, 2018, 02:12:18 PM »
CWP stopped giving support (updates)?
I use CWP for multiple VPS, for testing environments and personal support, really nothing commercial.
since they started to add new payment modules (CWPPRO), the system has become increasingly worse. I do not know if the CWPPRO version is ok. but I just need the basics.
I was a fan of CWP, but now with so many failures I do not know how to fix them, nor do I get help in the forum.
for example:
  • - php selector failure (update to php7)
  • - Apache fault page by default
  • - lost Vhost personalization
  • - Ftp users access
  • - mail server Amavis scanner
  • - etc etc etc
some are serious failures, previous versions worked fine.
I would like to contribute, but neither can it since all the codes are encrypted with ioncube.
Please, I know that there are people in this forum who want to put a grain of sand. If this is not the goal it is a pity.

I suggest that the modules pay for advanced options, leaving the most basic to a free version. but that works.

Thanks for understanding my situation
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Re: CWP7 multiple problems - suggestion
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2019, 06:47:33 PM »
Same here, just install CWP 7 on virtual Local machine and i just whant to install node to setup auto instalacion and configuration. and i sow that is everthing lock and see "Decoding is FORBIDDEN" even
Code: [Select]
Missing and autoupdate_3dtparty.php is Coded with ioncube.

Probably no longer able to add their own personal modules. I know it when everyone adds a little bit and when all this is collected on a pile it's a lot. But then let's make new modules as it does WordPress simply add a folder and it automatically reads it and turns it on if the user says it to turn it on.