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Need a spokeman for the new server setup
« on: March 30, 2021, 08:42:36 AM »
What i need in support is someone to actually go through and work with Website(wordpress) cwp7pro and my V host and get my web business BACK to where it was just a week ago.  I mvoed from centos 6 Cpanel after 20 years of cpanel to Centos 8 CWP I will figure out where stuff is and the language differences but time is not my friend.

Reverse DNS
Mod Security setup so people can upload images.
Apache setup to convert images to latest format
Wordpress function problems

For someone who does this stuff regularly this is quick stuff.  but many of the helpful are using the words JUST do this or that.   I have moved to new host, paid for monthly support etc but to be told to JUST do something without any knowledge on my part of the location of this or that's settings is turning a 2 hour task into a 10 days task between finding a problem and asking for help and being lost in finding the answer to the answer.

Need to get back to a fully function website quickly so it can fund the next stuff and reason for all the upgrading.
Selling hosting
Selling Gameservers
Selling teamspeak
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