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Can send but not receieve
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:37:56 PM »
Guys Iíve been trying to resolve this for about 5 weeks now, Iíve trolled every postfix and dns forum available and although Iím seeing the exact same issues, Iím unable to resolve my problem. Without a doubt this is to do with my lack of understanding of DNS and Postfix.
Anyway, the issue is that Iím unable to receive emails from outside the domain. I can send and the emails are received within seconds. If the emails are returned they donít get sent to my inbox. If I send an email from an external domain they donít end up in my inbox. If I send an email to myself (internally) it turns up in my inbox.
Iíve spoken to my ISP and they say that port 25 is open and they donít restrict anything.
I have access to alter the PTR records at the ISP but Iím not sure what to put there. Iíve put
Thatís the real external IP of the server that is also the ISP IP address. That is also the host name of the server and real domain name.
I was initially running the DNS on the server but decided to use the Free DNS manager and here is the set up.
Code: [Select]
DNS Zone Test
zone loaded serial 2017100704

Domain nameservers are set to:

You need to set your domain nameservers to:

*if you want that your dns records works!

Refresh: 28800
Host Type Destination

@ A

@ MX 10

ftp A

mail A A

www CNAME @
I have only set up one zone, so what you see is the entire DNS.
As I mentioned earlier the domains and IPs are the genuine thing. Iíve published these in the hope of guidance as Iím aware that my lack of knowledge combined with using would further inflame my problem.
Iím hoping that someone will be kind enough to guide me through this problem and I will be able to one day help the community in return.

Re: Can send but not receieve
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 05:40:31 PM »
Sorry should have mentioned that I'm using CWP version: on CentOS 7 and a Dell poweredge T1100ii on a FTTP