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CWP on Linode CentOS
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:44:41 AM »
Hi everyone,

This is my first forum post and I am new to CWP. I recently installed CWP on my CentOS Linode. Its working great and I already like CWP. I am eager to learn CWP more and will move on to Pro soon after I resolve some issues I am facing. I hope I'll find some friends here to make my journey fun and memorable.

First thing I am confused about is the DNS Manager , Linode has its own DNS manager and all the sites I created on CWP I had to add them to the DNS Zones on Linode. Sites are working but I am having problem adding SPF and DKIM records for my domain as its not working. I added them to both the Linode DNS and also CWP panel. I am not sure if CWP settings are even functional?

Also I want to know about Name Servers we specify in the CWP admin area. Currently they are as under :

while nameservers i set on my domains are and

as its apparently wrong but still the sites are working. Should i even update them?

Re: CWP on Linode CentOS
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 12:01:46 PM »
if you use linode as you domain nameservers then all changes you do on the server you also need to copy to the linode, example if you add subdomains, dkim, spf you need to have them copied to the linode dns and you can have dns server off on your server since its not in use.
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