Author Topic: Is it necessary to enable CSF Firewall or Mod security in Centos Web Panel ?  (Read 9111 times)

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I have a VPS plan with a host provider with Centos. In that, we installed Centos Web Panel.

By default, the CSF firewall is off and Mod Security is disabled.

Is it necessary to enable the firewall or Mod Security ? Or will the firewall provided by host provider sufficient ?

CSF and Mod_security both are security modules which can protect your server from different attacks. I do recommend you to enable both options for your VPS. :)
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I have a small VPS with ~5 websites on it and my VPS gets attacked permanently! =/

I use CWP7pro and I installed Comodo WAF for ModSecurity- which does a GREAT job protecting my WordPress sites (without me making any manual exception Rules)!

10 for CWP Pro is totally worth it and the guys build CWP absolutely deserve our support (IMO).
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