Author Topic: SSL Expiring in 20 days - would like easy procedure to update godaddy cert  (Read 5139 times)

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Have operational site going, been up 20 days short of a year.

I would like to update the the godaddy certificate ... is there an easy procedure to help out...?..I am simply unfamiliar with the process and probably shouldn't be this concerned...

Right now I believe that I must use ssl generator and create a new

1) key
2) csr

will this act cause any SSL downtime on the server, or is a apache restart required..?..will the good key and csr be saved somehow..?..

 I would then submit the newly generated csr to godaddy for the crt and bundle...

Is there an easier procedure to do this update? looked on youtube and most videos listed there were for the first time install or lets encrypt discussion.

Minimizing downtime is of most importance...

Any help appreciated of course,

thanks - augold  :-*
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Why do you not a call to GoDaddy support? Their support quite responsible...

Or, try this help
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