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When we finished add sub-domain throught menu Domain/Add Sub Domain successfully, I saw that there are 4 changes on the server:

1. Apache vHosts file (at /usr/local/apache/conf.d/vhosts.conf).
There are some lines added to configure for recent sub-domain. These line are append automatically from vHosts Template file.

2. DNS zone file of main domain.
Our DNS zone file of main domain is appended with one line. Ex: subdomain1 1800 IN A x.x.x.x ; #subdomain subdomain1

3. Database of CWP
One record is inserted into table subdomains of database root_cwp

4. One folder is created in our server
There is one directory is created with path that we provide in add sub domain form

But now, I want to add sub-domain manually without using module add subdomain of CWP. I do this job with 4 step similar to 4 things I noticed above:

1. Add nessary lines to Apache vHosts file
2. Add one record A to main domain zone file
3. Add one record to table subdomains in database
4. Create one directory with conformed path in Apache vHost file

But I can't access my sub-domain. When I access sub-domain through web browser, I noticed that DNS not found for this sub-domain. What is problem with my job?

Is there anybody can help me?
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Re: How to add sub-domain manually without using module add subdomain?
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my initial thought would be sure to restart bind, have had a couple issues where the subdomain wasn't available but restarting the service or reloading the zone has alleviated the issue.

am looking to do something similar for project development did you attempt to call the php script or just cat your entries?