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[URGENT] Unable to log in CWP
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:52:36 PM »
Here's what was happening before:

I was trying to get SSL certificate for my site then I received this error-
'looks like your port 443 is not enabled in apache/httpd configuration centos web panel'
I restarted/reloaded it couple times but it was still the same.

In the dashboard, I noticed that Apache webserver was showing 'failed' I thought that I might be the cause, and I went ahead and rebuild Apache(in apache settings). (I did try restarting it couple times but it didn't work.)

still it didn't work. I went ahead and reboot the server(BIG MISTAKE) Now all I can see is 'Problem loading page' on both CWP login and the domain I was installing :'(

Kindly help

Re: [URGENT] Unable to log in CWP
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