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« on: July 01, 2018, 05:27:18 PM »
Hi guys. I'm a little bit confused with this issue. When I have CSF enabled I can't access throught FTP (using Pure-FTPd).

Maybe is about the passive ports. In this CWP version, the pure-ftpd.conf file is different than CWP6.

What do I have to do to sort this problem?


Re: CSF + CWP7
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No one has this issue??

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try checking this info

Hi! Thanks, I did that of course. For example in CWP6 I don't have this problema and .conf is different in CWP7.

This is my configuration.

Code: [Select]
AllowAnonymousFXP no
AllowUserFXP no
AltLog clf:/var/log/pureftpd.log
AnonymousCanCreateDirs no
AnonymousCantUpload no
AnonymousOnly no
AntiWarez yes
AutoRename no
BrokenClientsCompatibility no
ChrootEveryone yes
CustomerProof yes
Daemonize yes
DisplayDotFiles yes
DontResolve yes
LimitRecursion 10000 8
MaxClientsNumber 50
MaxClientsPerIP 8
MaxDiskUsage 99
MaxIdleTime 15
MaxLoad 4
MinUID 1000
NoAnonymous yes
ProhibitDotFilesRead no
ProhibitDotFilesWrite no
PureDB /etc/pure-ftpd/pureftpd.pdb
SyslogFacility ftp
Umask 133:022
UnixAuthentication       yes
VerboseLog no