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Installation for Intranet use only.
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:16:29 PM »
I've been trying to deploy a webhost server at local LAN for development purposes.

i want to create different domains for local working like and so that i can host different projecs in my local LAN environment and can access only in that LAN.

I am on a Centos 6.10 VM (using exsi wmware) (on my own private physical server Dell PowerEdge-R710)

i have gone through the installation and able to access the cwp on ports 2030 and 2031 both

i was able to install php 7.1 as well

2ndly, i have also activated the NAT'ed mode and has put the machine LAN Ip and has rebuilt the apache virtual hosts (and public IP in shared IP field , as indicated in the instruction link in cwp)

in my mikrotik router i have added a static DNS entry to resolve <anything>.dev to IP

now when i create a domain say the account is created and when i try to open in browser

it automatically redirects from to and says SSL HSTS error self signed. can not allow to open website.

if i try to open http(s):// it gives me login page and whn i login it gives me a 404 error there.

have been struggling since several days to make is possible.

thanking all in anticipation for time to read and helping me out.