Author Topic: Moving an existing WordPress Multisite to existing CWP7  (Read 6632 times)

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Moving an existing WordPress Multisite to existing CWP7
« on: September 10, 2018, 10:50:27 PM »
I have a CWP7 server where I migrated 4 WordPress websites from an old physical server. Everything works perfectly, no problems there. Migration was straightforward, I copied the MySQL DB and the public_html files from source to destination then adjusted settings in wp-config.php.

Now, the 5th WP website happens to be a WordPress Multisite with 4 live sites in it. Because we share media files and themes in the legacy multisite, we'd like to move it "as is" into a new User in CWP to preserve the file structure. Has anyone done this or is there a guide somewhere?

Based on my limited experience on the platform, I think the steps would be as follows:

  • Migrate the MySQL DB.
  • Create a User in CWP7 and set it up with one of the domains in the WP multisite.
  • Create domains for each additional site in the WP multisite.
  • Copy the WP multisite folder from source.
  • Fix user permissions.

Does that make sense or am I missing something? I'm wondering if I'll have to manually modify Apache settings to point to each site in the multisite or CWP7 automates this task.