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Multiple Volumes
« on: November 01, 2018, 05:29:10 PM »

I tried looking and searching but I did not yet find this topic discussed, nor am I quite sure where this falls under --- an information/feature question, a feature request, a centos question, etc.

I am looking to add multiple volumes to my server and CWP installation.  Currently, the server is running on an 80GB disk.  I would like the ability if possible to mount and add additional volumes to CWP users for their folder paths.

How can this be done?  I attempted to create and attach an additional 100GB volume, I partitioned and formatted it, and then I was able to mount it to the home folder path at /home/USER/public_html/

It appeared to mount properly, and a new directory lost+found appeared, as well as index.html disappearing.  I attempted to make a new index.html, but when I would browse to the domain, it just showed a 100% blank directory.

After unmounting the volume, Apache appeared to go back to the default apache page as normal.

Not sure if it's just me not quite understanding how to mount and integrate it, or if CWP does not support this ability.

Thank you very much in advance.