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Regarding CWP & WHM Data Syncing
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:46:02 PM »
Hello everyone,

Just wondering if someone could potentially advise up on the question I have. I am fairly new to CWP. I have a lot of experience with WHM and C-Panel.

I have a dedicated server which I am hoping to install CWP on to going forward.

My initial question is, has anyone succeeded with managing to sync hosting accounts between WHM and CWP? As in an ongoing sync whereby my DNS Zones, website and email hosting data is mirrored across to the CWP server on an ongoing basis?

I was hoping to use the CWP server as a failover server within the odd circumstance that there is a complete power outage at the data centre whereby my current dedicated server is sitting.

I do have DNS Cluster redundancy settings already setup. However, recently I have witnessed a situation whereby the data centre whereby my primary server is based had a complete outage for several hours to the point where I couldn't regain any access to my WHM or even remotely access the server through SSH.

Therefore, my initial thought would be utilise CloudFlare whereby in desperate measures whereby the DNS Clustering fails, i can reroute the nameservers through CloudFlare to point to the Disaster Recovery server until the primary server network is indicating signs of life.

Any feedback on this is most welcomed. This may not be the most ideal solution to providing a quick turnaround of service availability as I can appreciate there will be a propagation period that will commence during the switchover of the nameservers.

Although, this method would be only used within situations whereby my other redundancy clusters completely fail. :-)

I'm open to ideas on this, but just thought I'd run this through this community first.