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roundcube change password
« on: February 20, 2019, 07:54:20 AM »
Helo , i posted in the forum because i have been stucked for weeks ,
i installed CWP several year ago and did update CWP, PHP, Apache and rouncube. all works well until several weeks ago i just realised that my roundcube password plugin isnt working

if i provide the correct password , it gives me An error occurred (Could not save password.)
if i provide the incorrect password, it gives me An error occurred (Incorrect password.)
so basically, this gives me an idea that roundcube can actually access and check the password to MySql's database but somehow couldnt save the password. so i suspect something wrong with my update statement in password_query (

my roundcube version is 1.3.8

i followed those links but no luck, so i ordered one time support from CWP and get unsatisfied answer, here is the quote
we didn't implement password change feature from roundcube yet, you need to change the password from root/user cwp panel.
ROundcube address is now fixed you can access it via domain.tld/roundcube


so yes, change user password from root is doable but this annoys the user, they dont have privacy for their own email password.

looking forward for some thought to help me fix this issue, thank you