Author Topic: Using Thirdparty Email Service via Centos Panel due to POrt 25 Blockage  (Read 3297 times)

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I am facing situation where Alibaba blocked port 25 so no one can send email outside world, they suggest to use 465 SSL instead. but as Centos webpanel comes with default configuration of port 25 so is there a way i can myself change posftix configuration for port 465 SSL ?

otherwise i have mail service of thirdparty along with hostname of smtp etc, i already installed plugin in my wordpress website to use that third pary smtp service but i still not able to connect that as it shows SMTP connection faild. logs show nothing as i already stopped Postfix/Dovecot services as there is no more use of them.

kindly someone suggest me or guide me ?

centos 7.x
Apache version: Apache/2.4.34
PHP version: 5.6.37

By Default 465 and 587 is enable , you can use those port