Author Topic: Blesta Module Suspended/Cancelled CWP User Account. How do i override this?  (Read 6601 times)

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Hi guys,
I run Blesta automatic provisioning module so that from another webserver, i can automatically sell services on this CWP instance.

A few days ago, the module went crazy and cancelled a user account service on this CWP instance.

Even though the account was cancelled, the service has continued to work on CWP its wordpress installation remains unaffected and functions as normal.

The Blesta module has stopped communicating with CWP and now i need to manually override what Blesta has done.

If the user attempts to log into CWP https://<url or ip address>:2083, it returns "Account Suspended"

However, when i go into the CWP Admin Dashboard>User Accounts>List Accounts>Account Actions...the slider is green (meaning account is not its active)

How can i manually fix this in CWP?
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Try to run directly an API function 'unsp'.
If not works, you can try to change mysql table directly, but this could affect some services.
So, you can change mysql tables, and after that, suspend the site again via panel, then unsuspend again.

If you don't know what I saying, so go to support, could be dangerous you change directly mysql tables without knowledge it.


when you say try to run directly API function Unsuspend...

How would i do that? (I cant do it from the Billing doesnt have the ability to uncancel a service it has cancelled)

If i edit the database directly...what table and field would i need to edit?

Could i just make a backup of the domain on the CWP server, delete the user account, create a new account with the same name, the re-import domain files?

Surely their has to be an easy way of editing the database though...can that be done via phpmyadmin, or do i have to do it from Putty?
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I do not understand your request very well, you want to activate the account again ?, this can also be done directly from the admin !.

Hi and thanks for your answer...

I have fixed the problem by resetting the password in CWP as root user. The account is now unsuspended.

Now all that is required is for me to figure out how to relink this account with Blesta Billing via the API (after Blesta cancelled the account it severed the according to Blesta developers, i would need to create a new account in Blesta).

What worries me is that Blesta might stuff this all over again when it tries to run the cron and add a new account to CWP...which is an account that is now active on CWP?
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apparently something has gone very wrong here, the function of the API to suspend the account should not generate this problem.

Please do the following and let me know what the records say

1. Re-suspend the account from the Blesta
2. Check the following log /var/log/cwp/cwp_api.log

If something went wrong or not, here we will have the details

The Blesta Module is not communicating with CWP via the API anymore.
Until i get that sorted i can provide much insight.

I am actually changing back over to WHMCS anyway. It has far greater functionality and is a lot better supported (in terms of technical knowledge and support staff numbers)