Author Topic: Wordpress Duplicator Zip archive upload complete...but where is the file?  (Read 4103 times)

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hi guys,
 i have used the wordpress duplicator plugin to upload a wordpress site to the CWP server.

The install has two files...
1. installer
2. zip archive.

I have uploaded both in CWP, however, the zip archive isnt there. I have looked in both GUI and via putty.

What has CWP done with it?

I note the following forum post about zip archives from over 3 years ago...
We were told by the administrator back then that a new version of CWP would have this capability. So in 3 years has it been resolved?
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for large files use FTP/SFTP

Why do I need to do that? centos web panel is saying that upload is completed

Are you saying that the uploader is not capable of uploading 100mb size files? If there is such a problem wouldn't it be wise to at least have that notification somewhere?