Author Topic: PHP imap shown in CentOS Webpanel but missing in user account  (Read 3395 times)

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I'm running CWPpro version:, Apache and nginx with one domain and domain account on my server.
PHP is configured to be version 7.2.15 and IMAP was selected when switching.

In the web panel (root user) - PHPinfo page I can see that IMAP was configured and is running: './configure' ....' '--with-imap' '--with-imap-ssl'.  Further I can see the imap info as follows: IMAP c-Client Version   2007f, SSL Support   enabled, Kerberos Support   enabled

When I drop a phpinfo.pho file to my webserver (domain user account) I do not see imap anymore and my prestashop complains of missing IMAP functions. I have tried to add to the user.ini file, the php.ini file as well as created a imap.ini with teh same parameter file inside /opt/alt/php-fpm72/usr/php/php.d/ and can see in the phpinfo page that it is picked up but still the extension is missing (checked /usr/lib64/php/modules and is present).

Any ideas?


Re: PHP imap shown in CentOS Webpanel but missing in user account
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Problem solved. Went to the PHP selector page, updated the php-fpm settings to include imap, recompiled and it ia working now for the user account (took a vit ti figure out that there are 2 different php versions /compilations at work here)