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Feature requests
« on: April 14, 2023, 03:46:52 PM »
Hello, I work for a web hosting provider and we are deploying CWP as a hosting option. I have some feature reuqests for CWP based on what I've seen.

1) It appears that users cannot be accessed through the login API until they have manually signed in once. Preferabally this API would work immediately. Is this something that can be changed?

2) Some MySQL users are unable to have their password reset through CWP. I haven't been able to locate any specific reasons and I'm not seeing anything useful logged anywhere.

3) PHP's mail() function is not enabled by default. Can an API either be provided to trigger CWP to rebuild postfix or the commands used be provided so I can script it? Rebuilding postfix will resolve the issue.

4) I don't see an API for installing additional PHP versions. Can an API either be provided to install additional PHP versions from the command line or the commands CWP runs provided so we can automate it at provision time?


Nathan L