Author Topic: Bug - Csrf_token (centos 6 - update your cwp for resolve this problem)  (Read 3927 times)

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hi guys,
<3 for developers or someone who can help me..

i have similiar problem with other people, fresh install server centos 6 and latest cwp.

everytime i login to panel, i see in sess_ data csrf_token is missing.
i already clear cache, using my phone to login or change my ip public.
reboot server, reinstall the server. but csrf_token still missing.

then, i have another server upgraded with latest cwp . all my server got same error like my new fresh install.

ohh ya, my cwp server with centos 7 is fine. even i login multiple browser with same ip. no error, u all can see in images above..

please help us..

Thank you

Have a nice day
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Re: Bug - Csrf_token
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centos 6 update with the fix was released so you can run an update to get this fixed.
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Re: Bug - Csrf_token
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hi bro,

i updated it, now my server is with CWP V0.9.8.655. all error gone, and i see csrf_token exist in sess_ data.

love it & thank you