Author Topic: Android mail Client not connecting to mail server but desktop email client does  (Read 4290 times)

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I am trying to set up my email account on the android apps(tried Gmail, Email blue etc) but none able to connect to the server. But at the same time, Desktop E-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird can connect fine with the same settings. I am not sure of the issue here.

Is anyone else face the same issue?.

Hi, first of all you need to say what exactly errors do you have and check if you have configured MX records in DNS.
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If you are able to connect using desktop PC app, then dns has nothing to do with this.

You need to post here what settings you are using for desktop PC and what setting you
Are using for mobile apps.

1. TLS or just SSL
2. PORTS for the above (they use different ports)
3. Incoming and outgoing mail servers (which will affect dns records).

Don't use for dns if you don't have a hostname called "mail". Use your servers hostname.fqdn for dns mx record. Then that becomes your incoming and outgoing mail server.

Don't forget to add this hostname.fqdn for spf record too.