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cpmove not showing up
« on: February 23, 2021, 09:35:25 PM »

I seem to be having a issue that I have never had before.. So wanting to migrate a shared cPanel account over to my VPS that has CWP

I make the backup name it cpmove-nextwave.tar.gz change its permission to 644 then I login to my VPS with putty as root and run

It shows that it is moving the backup file over to the VPS and takes about 84 minutes for it to transfer from start to 100% done

but when I go to cPanel Account Restore the file is not listed in the Account Import dropdown..

It has always put the cpmove-nextwave.tar.gz file in the home directory of my VPS.. It's not even there. So while it does everything like it should and says its moving the file I guess its not.

Is there another directory I can look in to see if it was placed there or??

I have done a few migrations from cPanel to this CWP VPS and have no issues in the past. Any ideas??

CWP version:

Thanks In Advance.