Author Topic: Issues faces when Migrating CWP(old server) -> CWP(new server)  (Read 4929 times)

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I had cwp pro on CentOS 7 on my old server which was a VPS running on amazon cloud. Then I decided to move everything to a new dedicated server.

I used the CWP -> CPW migration process to do this. Everything worked as desired however I faced some basic problems which need to be addressed by the CWP development team.

A. DNS : Old dns zone files were copied over to the new server with a .restore extension and a new dns zone file was created for every domain transferred to the new server. Its good to have the old files but to edit a whole lot of new files to update entries from the old file is a daunting task.

What needs to be done by cwp devs for each of the domains as they are created:
1. read the old dns zone file and get the MX records, update the new file with these MX records;
2. read the old dns zone file and get the SPF records, update the new file with ip updated SPF record
3. create new DKIM record
4. copy all the old CNAME and TXT records from the old file to the new one.

B. While all files from the vmail folder get copied but the actual mailbox definition and their password contained in the psotfix table from the old server does not get copied over. This had to be done manually. This process should be automated by the dev team.

I think once these are implemented this module will become perfect.