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New Backup [Beta] problems still not fixed
« on: July 30, 2020, 06:36:20 PM »
I have 5+ CWP Pro license. I'm try contact with support one more time for this subject. but Still I can't get any answer since 5-6 months.... :

You are still NOT fix this new backup module BIG BUG!

When Runing new backup, copy accounts to home/tmp_back  directory. After this create from this files ACCOUNT_NAME.tar.gz file and Upload to remote FTP backup. But After this NOT DELETE THIS ACCOUNT FILES FROM home/tmp_back. This files owner is account owner and cause of this account owner exceeds quota. home/tmp_back directory only deleted after all accounts backup complate. You can delede per users files from home/tmp_back after users backup complate and start next user backup.
Example: account owner use 1GB. after create backup, owner use 2-3GB cause of NOT DELETE from home/tmp_back/ACCOUNT_OWNER  directory and .tar.gz file.

Why you still not fix this BIG BUG? please can you fix it? Or you can share open source new backup php files for fix? (ı can do fix if you share)

We use still old backup system cause of this bug. But old backup system realy very very bad. because only copy users directory to backup directory. and not use .tgz. We live general server exceeds quota problems cause of this. After general exceeds quota problems server crashed. because mysql and other services stop and cannot restart cause of server general exceeds quota problems

Re: New Backup [Beta] problems still not fixed
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 05:40:31 PM »
I have a similar problem. I added a new account the other day (normally I have just my own) and added some websites that took up about 1/2 gig of space. The next day I saw 25 gig of space get used, so I doubled the size of the drive. I then found today that the server had doubled in size again, and from being only 30 gig is now 80 gig.

The reason is the creation of the files in the backup directory under the

/ backup / weekly / user  / backupcwp / directory.

My own sites are not being backuped like this, they only backup the code and are smaller.

What is the backupupcwp directory for? It has a tar file in it of 10 gig, and it is creating a new one in the daily backup, weekly backup and monthly backup. If I do not delete them they will take up 10gig x 7 in the daily backup alone, which is 3 times the size fo the rest of the server!

How do I stop it creating these backups, it never used to do this, and what are they for?

Re: New Backup [Beta] problems still not fixed
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2020, 06:55:22 PM »
Some people really should stick with shared hosting.  :o
Yes, there are (major) issues with the CWP backup and suggestions for improvement have already been pointed out (and ignored) by the devs. An alternative has been posted on this forum and using some thinking can be adapted to suit most environments.. even if just to supplement the CWP methods. This doesn't prevent anyone from implementing their own backup strategy and if incapable of doing so then either hire someone, research the topic or do everyone a service and keep away from dedicated/VPS.