Author Topic: CWP does not use the full subdomain of the hostname address on install  (Read 3762 times)

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When installing CWP7 on CentOS 7, despite the hostname already being set, the panel uses only the domain name only (ie, install authorizes "" rather than the set domain of for instance "").

This is an issue the way you have Let's Encrypt SSL certificates because it fails on initial install. I know changing the hostname to what it should have been to begin with using "Change Hostname" will change the hostname (even though it reads out properly on the dashboard...) and generates a new certificate. The problem is with all of the bugs and quirks in CWP, after a couple of failed installs, the certificate maximum is reached and Let's Encrypt will no longer issue certificates for a one week period due to their rate limit.

Please make CWP actually use the entire subdomain name upon install. In fact you can only see it is incorrect in the "Change Hostname" dialogue as it reads out properly on the panel dashboard despite being set wrong in CWP.

Re: CWP does not use the full subdomain of the hostname address on install
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The CWP checks hostname with command "hostname" and installs the self-signed SSL for the founded hostname.
You have to make the initial configuration after install (like set the hostname).
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