Author Topic: How to use the domain name of the sub domain used for the CWP as a user in CWP  (Read 4087 times)

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I am new to CWP from using ISPconfig, I have been looking for this answer in the FAQ and this forum but with no luck -

I have been looking for away to use the domain name of the sub domain used for the CWP host name like we can in ISPconfig. 

Is this possible? If so how, and will this setup support auto SSL?

Eg - is used for CWP access is the used as a CWP user domain.   To give access for a website and emails handling
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You've got some confusing terminology there.

It is possible to create an account, using the main domain of the hostname- I've just done it on my test server.
Ensure your DNS is correct, however and server entries match those at your DNS provider.
hostname records A CNAME (there is a bug during entry where you don't put a trailing dot)
domain records A CNAME
Remember to restart bind.

Note: I NEVER use cpanel/cwp aliases and ALWAYS instruct my clients to use a port number and preferably their own domain name. So you may have to use CNAME instead of ALIAS for the cwp entry.

Once all the DNS has propogated, initiate the AutoSSL for both entries - using "change" hostname and (most easily) by logging into the account and using the AutoSSL there.

Note 2: Though I find this panel much more 'pretty', don't expect it to be as stable and bug free, as uninspiring ISPconfig.  :-\
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