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API Functions -> Account -> Update - Not working
« on: October 17, 2020, 11:55:56 AM »
When a customer chooses to upgrade their package, one thing does not work.
For "Account pack change" (changepack) working to 100%.

But when it has to update ionode, processes (nproc) and openfiles (nfiles) at the same time. That's not how it works.

At a debug so it says everything I want it to do. But on the admin website that is not updated.

I have seen the "New Account" had other flakes just nproc and nfiles that and these are not the same as the update. Is it a miss from the developers or is it with the wheat "forgotten"

My command:
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curl -k "https://myserver:2304/v1/account" -X POST --data "key=MYKEY&action=udp&user=USER&package=@5&inode=175000&processes=80&openfiles=200"
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curl -k "https://myserver:2304/v1/account" -X POST --data "key=MYKEY&action=udp&user=USER&package=TestPackage&inode=175000&processes=80&openfiles=200"
Debug output:
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Key:MYKEY, action:accout_upd, ip:MYIP
{status:OK} -> {key:MYKEY,action:udp,user:USER,adds:null,server_ips:null,email:null,package:null,backup:null,inode:175000,processes:80,openfiles:200}

Why is "package:null" in the debug output? I have try to use both "package=@5" and "package=TestPachage".
Text info from API page: "package:   Package name or ID with @ front Ex: @12"

How to fix?