Author Topic: Anacron & Notifications security / time restart httpd  (Read 3240 times)

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Anacron & Notifications security / time restart httpd
« on: December 14, 2020, 12:25:43 AM »

For start, sorrys, I don't know how indicate this :)

In one of my server I have configured mail notification in Email Alerts (module=notifications).

Well I view that, this send the email at the same time in all servers that I have configured this, more or less about 03:41 AM (this notification indicate warnings of Security Issue like I have disabled ModSecurity or Hidden Processess).

-Its possible disabled this notifications of Hidden Processes, monit monitoring...? But not in mail ( I can disabled this mails ) but in the cwp, because, all days, appears again the box with this notification and I need close this all days...

I view that, Anacron job, also send mail at the same time, I deduce, correct me if I'm wrong, that just at that moment, CWP performs a check and restarts httpd, I view in the mail that, restart and reload httpd service.

Its possible disabled the restart httpd servide? Or if not, change this time for this operation. At this time, I have some persons in site, the restart is quickly but I preferer set other time for this action.

Sorry, I know are 2 doubts in this post, but I post in same post because have relation.