Author Topic: New Domain always getting 500 Error without any PHP Log Trace  (Read 38 times)

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Hi, I am new to CWP. I just added my first domain to the webpanel but the site always shows a 500 Error Page. Looks like the page is coming from CentOS. Because, when I have a index.php on site root I see the error, when I rename the file to somethingelse.txt I see the directory listed.
I have the following clues:
1. I didn't start PHP Compiler from CWP. Do I need to manually do that everytime?
2. My DNS is not configured well (less chance)

The error occurs practically if I just keep a blank php file as well. Can you please help? Where should I look into to start troubleshooting. And do I need to install Apache Mod Rewrite, Mod PHP etc modules manually with latest CWP version?
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