Author Topic: Problems and suggestions for Wildcard certificate installation and CSR generatio  (Read 991 times)

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First, congrats for this panel. Its the best panel available at low cost.

Now, some suggestions.

I always have problem when installing Wildcard certificate, beacuse Wildcard works a little bit different from normal domain certificate. This is not so easy for non-technical people and I think with some not so hard changes, this will become easier.

First, when creating CSR for domain, we must use * for Wildcard SSL. This will create the file with "*." in name, like "*", for example. The panel shows error when it reads this file.

I suggest, if the domain starts with "*." chars, this is always a Wildcard domain, just ignore them. Create the file with domain name only, follow by ".cert", ".key" or ".csr".

Second, the Wildcard certificate is the same file for all subdomains that needs to be certificated. The panel creates a file for each domain, because it uses the domain name given in field "Domain:" on "SSL Cert Manager". This cause the user to copy and paste the certificate every time when he needs to use the cert. If this cert will be renewed, the user needs to update all these files.

I suggest use the same name when created the CSR file, without final part ".csr" of file. The domain is only used to apache configuration files. When need to renew this certificate, we just update one file with certificate and all subdomains is ok.

If there was a checkbox that tells to panel if this is a wildcard certificate, or if the panel identifies from domain having *. in the beggining, would help.

Sorry about the long post.

That's all, i think! :)